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John Ciccolini in

Actor, Singer, Writer

“Ciccolini is the consummate actor and singer. Portraying a bevy of colorful characters. This one-person show balances the hilarious and the sweet with aplomb.” ~ LA Weekly

As an actor, John has been seen on multiple episodic television shows. Onstage he was Sony Bono in the musical “And the Beat Goes On – The Sonny & Cher Story” and “Catskill Sonata” both directed by Academy Award winning writer/director Paul Mazursky.

John’s early years in Newark, New Jersey and love for the music of Frank Sinatra led to his co-writing the award winning “Frank Sinatra Screwed Up My Life”.

The show answers the question, “what does a scrawny, horny, near-sighted Italian teenager do to get a date? There’s only one man to turn to, a legend who is also from New Jersey (Exit 149), “Ol’ Blue Eyes”.

“Frank Sinatra screwed up my life” is a one-man comedy-musical filled with classic Sinatra tunes and celebrates teenage innocence, adult angst and the real meaning of romance.

And chicks and audiences dig that!

NOW BOOKING: 2022/2023; 2023/2024